Juan José Guzmán


Juan José is an Analyst based in New York where he is responsible for conducting research, as well as analyzing and designing products and services that can expand the reach of financing for rural enterprises and smallholder farmers.

Before joining ISF, he worked at Transforma, a sustainability think-tank based in Bogotá, Colombia. Prior to that he was an investment banking analyst at Violy & Company, a boutique investment bank based in New York. He has worked designing and executing the Colombian Climate Asset Disclosure Initiative (CCADI), aimed at rating and ranking the country’s largest institutional investors on their level of inclusion of financial climate-related risks and opportunities. He has also worked on drafting public policy recommendations for the Colombian government on carbon pricing and other issues related to sustainability. Additionally, he has worked as a carbon-pricing researcher for the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and collaborates with the Colombian blended finance initiative Plataforma 17.

Juan José holds a B.A. in Economics and Sustainable Development from Columbia University. He has lived and worked in Colombia and in the United States. Apart from English, he has professional proficiency in French and is a native Spanish speaker.

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