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State of the Sector: Agri-Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

A follow up to our 2018 Protecting Growing Prosperity report, we take stock of the current state of agri-insurance for smallholder households. We also introduce new ways of thinking about the sector through deep dives, and propose a set of priority areas to guide work over the next 5 years.

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Foreign Currency Risk Management Strategies for Investment Vehicles

Our analysis for Small Foundation on available strategies for managing foreign currency risk in frontier and emerging markets is summarized in this report, which includes options at both the fund and investment level.

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A global smallholder weather update: Shocks guaranteed, losses optional

Agricultural insurance is an important financial service that both protects farmers and can help improve their productivity over time. This blog revisits the findings in our earlier “Protecting Growing Prosperity” report and provides an update on some of the recent developments in agricultural insurance.

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