Whether facilitating partnerships or building
financial structures, our work takes many forms.

Financing for East African Agro-Processors

As part of a nutrition alliance with USAID, TechnoServe, and Partners in Food Solutions, ISF provides financial advisory support and facilitates investment for agro-processors that produce nutritious foods.

Design of Nutritious Food Financing Facility (N3F)

ISF worked with GAIN to assess pipeline, develop a nutrition impact fund concept, design the governance structure, recruit a fund manager, and support fundraising and structuring.

Maximizing Opportunities for Coffee and Cacao in the Americas

As part of a 5-year USDA funded initiative with TechnoServe, ISF is responsible for identifying and mobilizing long-term financing solutions for coffee and cacao tree renovation and rehabilitation in the Central American and Andean region.

Engagement with SMEs in Food Systems

The Argidius Foundation commissioned ISF to develop a framework to help the Foundation better understand the roles of SMEs within food systems, how they might be better supported to grow, and contribute to more impactful, resilient, and sustainable systems.

Scaling Up Farmer Financing Through AgTechs

ISF worked with the IFC to identify ways of scaling up farmer financing in Sub-Saharan Africa through investment in digital AgTech models, including a methodology to shortlist and select relevant models for investment consideration.

Agricultural MFI Re-organization and Equity Raise

ISF advised Proximity Designs (a Myanmar based provider of finance, farm advisory services, and irrigation solutions) on a strategic re-organization, and subsequently advised on an equity raise.

Landscape and Partner Convening on Micro-insurance

ISF partnered with the Microinsurance Network to support the Gates Foundation in a strategic review of the global state of agri-insurance for smallholder households, including a sector convening to catalyze action.

Tool for Assessing Food Systems Investment Funds

ISF partnered with an alliance of foundations to develop a tool for assessing investment funds that align with principles of sustainability and are well-positioned to transform the global food system.

Corporate Investment Partnerships

USAID engaged ISF to evaluate models that demonstrate how companies have worked alongside donors to strengthen supply chains or value chains in a way that achieves both strategic and impact objectives.

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