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An Updated View of Digital Marketplace Platforms

An update to our digital platforms research that reevaluates the sector to understand why agri-marketplace platforms have struggled to reach their potential. It outlines new thinking around how we segment agricultural marketplace platforms, key challenges & emerging successes, and future potential for embedded finance within these models.

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Scaling Irrigation for Small-Scale Producers: The Role of Private Sector Solutions

A report exploring the current state and future potential of the small-scale irrigation market in Sub-Saharan Africa. We articulate the investment and activities needed to help scale irrigation technology for small-scale producers and identifies opportunities for donors and investors to catalyze further investment in this sector.

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State of the Sector: Agri-SME Finance

A new perspective on the agri-SME finance market: sizing and segmenting the market in new ways, reflecting on the rapidly accelerating imperative around climate, and identifying new priorities for action.

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